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Jerome Glenn: messenger of the future

Jerome Glenn is a renowned American futurist and leads the Millennium Project think tank, which develops important studies on prospective and futures.

On this occasion, the academic answered some questions about the futuristic theme, which is also important to analyze the present. Glenn’s vision is interesting and we recommend reading his books and following his interviews in the media and events, because the researcher has anticipated many important issues today many years ago, such as in his reflection on the brain in 1989:

 “Brain research is another major area contributing to our conscious technology future that forces the old questioning: is the mind a product of the brain, or is it in the brain like software is in the computer, or is the mind”.

At the time you created “the wheel of the future”… did you imagine that in 2020 we would be in an interconnected world and that computers would be used to help fight diseases?

  • Sure, see Future Mind published in 1989.

“The communications revolution will be the central factor in making the holistic approach Work and in bridging the development gap. In the agricultural and industrial economies, the marketplace was center…”(Glenn, 1989)

“As the baby boomers age, vast growth will occur in all forms of medical care and retirement services. Special packages, home medical electronics monitoring, anti-aging drugs and treatments, special travels”(Glenn,1989)

 The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has resurfaced fears of a nuclear war… do you think there should be a new world governance to control nuclear weapons in the future? 

  • Sure.

 Do you think that in the future there will be a world government? 

  • Not single, but decentralized systems of TransInstitutions and governance agreements and systems.

How do you imagine the universities of the future?

  • Centralized, user-designed, international certifications, and continuous.

 What do you think about the future of Africa?

  • Depends on what you mean by the future.  Many tribal power zero-sum games will continue, but eventually, the African Union will become more effective and help the more peaceful development of the continent.

A month ago Jerome Glenn was present at an important event: Dubai Future Forum.

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